Sunday, December 22, 2019

The stories will be back up soon

Just a mock cover...
Because of pirates and bots, we had to take down the first four shorts, but they'll be back up soon, likely with links to download them rather than reading them here. An eagle-eyed reader spotted them on another website--something I was reasonable sure would eventually happen--and while that's been dealt with, we need to find a better way to distribute them.

On the plus side...there are several shorts in the bank, possibly enough for two printed volumes. This might take some time; as published here, the stories were somewhere between first and second draft and need work, and need to be threaded together (which was always the goal.) stories 5-10 are with a beta reader now and my editor has her eyeballs on them, but the rewrites probably won't start until after the holidays.

When ready for download, they'll be in formats for Kindle (.mobi), Nook and similar readers (ePub), and likely PDF. You don't need a digital device to be able to read them; I know the Kindle app is available for PC and Mac, and Adobe Reader is on most computers already, but also available for free online.