Saturday, July 20, 2019

By request, the map of Wick's World

Just under the blog header, there's a link titled "Wick Universe Map." Since the first book came out a few years ago, I've had some requests to see a map of how the old United States was split up; we originally intended for their to be a map, but things happened, and the map was not included.

Tiny version
So. Click on the link and it'll take you to a pretty basic version of what we'd hoped to publish in The Emperor of San Francisco. I really wish we could show you the map that was supposed to be in the book, but there are licensing issues involving the base map now, so we can't use it. But this will give you an idea!

Monday, July 15, 2019

...And We're Off...!

To get things rolling, we're offering the first three books in the Wick Chronicles - The Emperor of San Francisco, Ozoo, and Forked - absolutely free.

This is for a limited time only, so if you haven't read any of them, here's your chance! The link will expire on July 19, 2019 (not sure what time).

You can get this digital edition for your Kindle, Kindle app, or whatever reader you use that takes ePub files--and it should go directly to your reading device (this is the first time we've tried this...cross your fingers there are no hiccups.)

Just CLICK RIGHT HERE and grab your copy now!

Pretty soon, there will be a brand new Wick short story, the first of what we hope will be many, and it will be FREE. SO get caught up now--there are 9 books in total--and join the Wick Universe!

Sunday, June 9, 2019

What's Coming...

All righty…with the 9th Wick book out, we’ve been working on some other Wick-related things. We’re still trying to figure out how we want this site to look–blog-like, magazine-like, or something else we haven’t even thought of–but we’re slowly building some content. He’s thinking…really hard…

He's thinking...really hard
One of the things we’ve wanted to do was offer short stories…for free. These won’t be highly polished, ready-for-print stories, but just-past-first-draft things, stories that will probably wind up in a later book. Some will be filler, just bits about what’s happening in Wick’s little world. Some might be really short while others really long (for real…a short we’ve been working on somehow grew into a novella.)

And if you haven’t stuck your toe in the warm, wonderful Wick pool, for a limited time we’ll offer a digital version of the very first Wick book, The Emperor of San Francisco. We need to figure out the best way to distribute it without breaking the bank.

Also…we don’t have one yet, but there might be a Facebook page, so if you get most of your info there, you’ll be able to like it and get notifications when new content is posted here.

And one of these days I’ll be here with some stuff not wrapped up in a layer of MAYBE and be able to say HERE IT IS!

Friday, May 17, 2019

The 9th Book is Out

The King of Saint Francis, 4th book in the Return of the Wick Chronicles and 9th book overall, is available now in print and for e-readers.

Take a guess where we’re headed! Yep. In the ninth Wick book, we sneak back into Saint Francis. Jax is tired, needs a break, and decides that killing someone seems like a fine idea. What Wick doesn’t understand is why the Emperor and Queen seem to be on board with the idea; no one is stopping him, and they’re actively helping him…but why?

Monday, April 1, 2019

Still Working On It

Playing with the website took a back seat to getting edits on the newest Wick book finished and ready for layout. Coming soon:

This is a mockup of the front cover. Some things will be tweaked and pushed over here and there to make it fit the print template. But it’s done! And will be available soon!

How this site looks right now will probably change again. And then again. I need to let it sit for a while, and then see if I still think it’s spiffy. A lot of the time something I like turns out to be pretty horrible to others, so we’ll see. But content will start showing up, and if all goes to plan, you’ll get sneak peeks at some upcoming things.

Wick’s gonna show you his shorts, y’all!

Friday, March 15, 2019

Welcome to Wick

We’re just getting started, and things will be rocky here until we get the layout nailed down, and figure out how to change the sidebar and things. But as time goes by, this is where you’ll be able to read a little Wick, get news about the series and upcoming titles, and connect with the authors, Max and K.A. Thompson.