Friday, October 18, 2019

Fourth Wick Short: Becoming Blackshear

This is a long one, so it was split into four parts to make it easier. If Hyrum is your jam, you're gonna love it.

Some of the future shorts will be just as long, so eventually they'll be available to download to your favorite digital reader, probably using Book Funnel. And when there are enough, there will be a print version, too.

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  1. Your books so captivate me that I have a hard time turning off my mind after reading them. I just finished the fourth part of becoming a Blachshesr. I understand how Arbuary and her docents got there special abilities.. how did Jax come by his. You do not need to answer here so it will not spoil the books for others that have not read them all. If it is going to be addressed in another book, that's OK, Just let me know.